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We have 80-plus years making knives simple – first for professional knife users, then for everyone who loves to cook.

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About Chicago Cutlery

It’s easy to make knives seem complicated – the many shapes, angles, metals, grips and techniques. But Chicago Cutlery® brand has spent the past 80-plus years making them simple – first for professional knife users, then for everyone who loves to cook.

Our story begins in 1930, fittingly in the meat markets of Chicago. The Chicago Cutlery brand began as a knife conditioning service that catered to professional butchers and packing plants. Their specialty: keeping knives sharp and finely honed for the masters of the craft. When the demand for sharp knives increased, Chicago Cutlery brand evolved into a knife manufacturing business catering to the meat and poultry industries.

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The Great Steak Debate

Sad but true: Buying or ordering something as simple as a steak can be complicated. With so many choices, confidently picking the right cut for your taste can be flat-out perplexing. So let Chicago Cutlery® simplify.

Chicago Cutlery… is One of the Many Brands in the World Kitchen Family